En 2012, dans la continuité du Label CómemeMatias Aguayo et Avril Ceballos créent Radio Cómeme. Des podcasts de résidents ou de shows spéciaux dénichés dans le monde entier, pour partager et proposer des réflexions musicales et faire tomber les barrières culturelles principalement causées par la distance géographique.

Radio Cómeme est un reflet du vaste réseau d’amateurs de musique que le label éponyme déniche dans le monde entier.

Following on from the creation of Cómeme label, Matias Aguayo cofounded Radio Cómeme with Avril Ceballos in 2012. It was created out of the need to share and propose reflections on music. The aim is to aid in breaking down cultural barriers that are mainly caused by geographical distance. Radio Cómeme broadcast regular shows from radio’s ‘residents’ as well as special shows from Santiago de Chile, London, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Medellin, Madrid, Cologne, Valparaíso, Glasgow, Chicago, Tromsø and many other cities globally.

Radio Cómeme is a reflection of the vast network of music lovers, which the label Cómeme has gathered from around the world. They have a lot to tell and unique music to share. The radio is a platform to make this possible and let audiences hear their treasures. Like the 78rpm shellacs of the program La noche de los discos vivientes from Valparaiso, Chile; the adventurous record collection of Lena Willikens from Cologne, Germany in her show Sentimental Flashback ; the tête à tête interviews with South African artists in Matias Aguayo’s show V eneno ; the extended emotional travels of Inga Mauer in B on Voyage, from Russia; the poetic hours of 150Session by ML; T he Dreamcatcher by Borusiade, Latin vibes of S onorama from Chicago, S alsa Power by Fabio from Colombia; B edroom Tapes by Sano…

The list goes on and on to create a sound archive of more than 20 thousand hours of music! Radio Cómeme reflects the ever changing soundtrack of lives and presents these shows to Cómeme fans, music lovers and curious listeners as a platform that allows the wish to continue sharing the music that influenced us and that we love, from other times and regions of the planet.

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